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End of Lease Flea TReatment
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For you End of Lease Cleaning in Hobart, Coastal Carpet Cleaning is licensed to provide full pest control service, however the main reason I obtained this license was to be able to provide my pet loving end of lease customers with 2 services in one.

As a carpet cleaner it troubled me to see tenants being charged excessive rates upon vacating as in accordance with their lease agreements having to pay for a carpet cleaner to clean their carpets, and then a seperate pest control service to provide flea treatment if they had pets at the premises.

I will save you money by being able to provide both services in the same day/ booking. I am fully licensed to provide this service. Call today for a fast hassle free quote, I will be happy to assist in you getting that bond back.

Professional Flea Treatment in Hobart

Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals, especially mammals, although birds may also be attacked. Whilst they show a certain degree of host preference, fleas are by no means specific and will feed on other animals in the absence of the normal host. In fact they tend to be more nest than host-specific, for whilst the adults may feed on the blood of a variety of animals the larvae require more precise conditions which are associated with the habitats and nesting habits of the hosts rather than the characteristics of their blood.

Cat fleas are responsible for many flea infestations, the remainder being attributable to a variety of bird and animal species. Wall-to-wall carpesting also provides a relatively undisturbed environment for flea larvae to develop, whilst the spread of central heating has served to ensure ideal temperature conditions.

Fleas can be carriers of disease or may transmit parasitic worms. The most serious infection which they can spread is bubonic plague, transmitted to man by rodent fleas (Xenopsylla cheopis) which carry the causative bacillus from infected rats. In the past rodent fleas have been responsible for serious epidemics of the disease, notably the Black Death in Europe and Asia in the 14th to 17th centuries. Rodent fleas may also carry murine typhus and, because of their readiness to attack humans as well as rats, are probably the major flea carrier of disease. The dog flea is an intermediate host of the dog tapeworm , whose vertebrate host is usually the dog (occasionally the cat) but which can sometimes be transmitted to man.

Flea bites are identified as a tiny dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area. The bite persists for one or two days and is intensely irritating. First bites are not generally liable to cause serious reactions, but they may lead to hypersensitivity. Reactions are usually delayed following regular biting over a long period; there will then follow a period when reactions are immediate.

Call us today for more information on our Flea Treatment services on 0431 077 276.

Whatever your steam cleaning needs may be, I have you covered bringing years of Professional Carpet Cleaning experience in to provide you the best Carpet Cleaning possible at an honest price

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