About Coastal Carpet Cleaning

So Why Carpet Cleaning?

For the most part I have always lived in Hobart, Tasmania. Not only is it undeniably a beautiful place but also full of lovely and interesting people. Coastal Carpet Cleaning is certainly not something in which I ever envisioned doing as a job, but at some point I kind of fell into it and subsequently enjoyed it from this point in time.

I was employed by undoubtably one of the best Carpet Cleaners in the state. Therefore, given that he had at this time 20 years in his own business, was able to show me as much as he could of his unique techniques. He also taught me the ropes of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. As a result I also learned how to keep the customers smiling =)

Indeed, I was very lucky to be given such a great insight by someone who undeniably takes enormous pride in his work. I am also very grateful for that opportunity, but be that as it may, sooner or later it was time to go out on my own.

Time to go out on my Own!

Consequently I started Coastal Carpet Cleaning as of March 2019 and so as I type this is still relatively new. My business so far has really taken off, but surprisingly quite a lot faster than I could have ever imagined which is great. I am particularly thankful to have had a lot of support around me along the way and in truth could never have done it without the encouragement of specifically my great friends, mentor and of course family.

Presently, and for the most part I plan to keep pushing things along and hence also develop new ideas in order to ensure further value and quality to the great people of Hobart and surrounding areas in due time.

Thanks for visiting my page = )


Coastal Carpet Cleaning - Original Vehicle
Simon in front of Old Carpet Cleaning Vehicle - Coastal Carpet Cleaning
Simon starting out in 2019
Simon from Coastal Carpet Cleaning talking to the news team in Hobart
Simon talking to ABC and Southern Cross news with the Small Business Minister
Coastal Carpet Cleaning - New Carpet Cleaning Vehicle parked in Hobart