Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Proudly Tasmanian Owned and Operated

Fully trained and equipped with the most effective chemicals and carpet steam cleaning machinery available today.

Pet friendly solutions as well as sanitisers help with those unexpected pet accidents that occur from time to time.

Spot tests in an inconspicuous area, carried out when required before determining correct chemical(s) and cleaning methods for your carpet.

Each stain assessed and individually treated.

Why Choose Coastal Carpet Cleaning?

Servicing Hobart as well as surrounding areas, a large proportion of customers can therefore be serviced.
Travel Charges may Apply to Outside areas.

Prices are calculated according to the number of rooms that need carpets to be steam cleaned. Call us directly to assess the type and the condition of the carpets which require cleaning at your property.

Looking for a Quality CArpet Steam cleaner?

Years of experience in the industry has shown that the most effective approaches are steam and dry treatment. Likewise these observations are supported by leading carpet manufacturers.

Filthy blue carpet before steam cleaning
Clean blue carpet after steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning

Hot water extraction –more commonly known as "steam cleaning", uses modern equipment that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals, on the carpet. Temperatures can be adjusted up to 110 degrees celsius. At the same time, high pressured water sprayed along the carpet removes any dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved, thereby giving your carpet the best result possible. Suffice to say steam cleaning carpets is therefore widely recommended by most carpet manufacturers as the most efficient method to clean most types of carpets.

Dry Compound Method

Dry powder treatment – involves spreading biodegradable cleaning compound evenly over the carpet. It is then brushed or scrubbed in to the fibres. The substance attracts dirt and grime, which are subsequently vacuumed off leaving the carpet both clean and dry.

Before shot of dirty Rug
After Shot of clean Rug

How To Book Your Service

Call COASTAL CARPET CLEANING on 0431 077 276 to arrange a service or for any booking arrangements, questions, or to learn more about our affordable carpet cleaning rates in Hobart. Call Coastal Carpet Cleaning when you want your home carpets steam cleaned by one of the best cleaners around!