Professional Carpet Cleaning Hobart


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Without a doubt, few other technicians clean carpet in Hobart more thoroughly than Coastal Carpet Cleaning because we use the industry's most advanced and efficient carpet cleaning systems in order to deliver amazing results. As a result customers can enjoy faster drying times as well as maximum satisfaction.
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Here at Coastal Carpet Cleaning, we offer a variety of solutions for cleaning most types of rugs, such as acrylic, handmade, as well as machine made rugs. Furthermore pick up and drop off options may be available on request subject to availability.
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Indeed, I specialise in professional upholstery cleaning services in Hobart as well as surrounding areas. To clarify, this may include car seating, boat seating home sofas and couches as well as dining chairs and caravan seats. Comparatively speaking, drying times are super fast.
Car Seat
Car SeatUpholstery
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We will professionally clean the floor, doors, and of course the the seats of your vehicle, and subsequently you will experience on odour free, but most importantly a clean looking vehicle. Furthermore, all of this at an affordable price.
End of Lease
End of LeaseFlea Treatment
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Upon vacating a rental property some tenants may find in their contract that they will require fumigation or flea treatment as well as carpet cleaning. This is a standard clause for rental properties in Hobart which have had pets. We are able to offer customers a much more affordable rate when combining carpet cleaning as well as flea treatment services for your end of lease.
Carpet and Upholstery Protection
Carpet and Upholstery Protection
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Following your recently cleaned carpet and/ or upholstery clean, why not protect the fabric or carpet fibre with commercial grade fabric protection so as to give you ample time to deal with those unexpected spills? Supplied and applied on the spot by Coastal Carpet Cleaning. Just ask!

Carpet Cleaning in Hobart
Since 2015

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for both domestic and commercial.

End of lease carpet cleaning and flea treatment. Coastal Carpet Cleaning services Hobart and surrounding areas and prides itself on the delivery of quality work at competitive prices.

IIRC qualified and also qualified in pest control, Coastal Carpet Cleaning Hobart utilise modern day equipment and technology to deliver a safe, efficient and experienced job for a diverse range of residential and commercial applications.

With a strong attention to detail I am here to provide you with a professional, trustworthy carpet cleaning service in Hobart as well as surrounding areas, so to be sure my customers are kept smiling! 

Without a doubt, to this end I am always endeavouring to give my customers the best possible quality clean, every time.

In any case, that is always the goal and I enjoy taking pride in this endeavour.

Quality Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning System

Currently running a top of the range truck mounted machine, as well as using safe eco-friendly chemicals and coupled with years of experience so as to deliver top-quality carpet cleaning in Hobart but also surrounding areas.


So What Is a Truck Mount And Why Should You care?

A truck mount carpet machine is can you believe it?! A carpet machine that is mounted permanently to a vehicle. In my case my truck mount sits in a canopy on the back of my Hilux Ute tray. Photo attached below.


A lot of other carpet cleaners getting around will have it mounted in a van.


These machines run on either petrol or diesel. Therefore they have an engine much like your car. In the near future we will also have affordable battery powered electric options. But we’re not quite there yet.


The difference between a truck mounted carpet machine and say, a portable machine simply comes down to the power they can produce.

The result being a much deeper and thorough clean, faster drying times and a more efficient flushing action. In short they produce the best results by far.

I’ve written more in depth about this in a blog post you can find here: What is a truck mount and why should I care?

Need End Of Lease Flea Treatment

Licensed in Pest Control and mainly for End of Lease Flea Treatment, as a result, Coastal Carpet Cleaning can therefore provide a much more affordable solution to customers who may be moving out of their rental and require Carpet Cleaning but also Flea Treatment simultaneously, saving money as well as time!

Portable Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Generally most jobs are completed where possible with the truck mount however in the event that an area is unreachable, Coastal Carpet Cleaning also have a range of portable equipment so when needed allows access to more difficult and otherwise inaccessible areas such as multi-level apartment complexes and multi story hotels.

Carpet Cleaning Hobart And Surrounding Areas

Being that Carpets and Upholstery require both periodic maintenance and care just like many things in life,  evidentially it escapes many of us not only because we are too busy but also because we may simply not have the expertise required. So this is where I can help you, whether you need a small rug cleaned or an entire apartment complex, my mission at Coastal Carpet Cleaning above all is to deliver a quality service in addition to an affordable price

Same day service available
Top of the range equipments

My top of the range equipment and experience will always give your Carpets, Upholstery and Rugs the most dedicated of cleans.

short notice availability

I am operational 7 days/week and even on bank holidays. Where possible I am available at short notice because I love what I do

Eco-friendly procedures

I take extra measures to keep your home allergen free and use no harsh chemicals in our process. Everything is extracted thoroughly.

Competitive prices and deals

Looking to combine a few cleaning services and get a discount? Just ask - I will always do my best to provide you with great value for money,

Before and After Photo of a Rug
Carpet before and after steam cleaning in Hobart
Professionally Carpet Cleaning Hobart and Surrounding Areas
What Clients in Hobart Say about Coastal Carpet Cleaning